Elite dangerous ammo synthesis

Over the course of the month I tried twice with the first level FSD range boost synthesis but I really didn't get it and could do with some help in the right way to use it.

My understanding was that the 'boost' to range given was applied to the fuel in your tank but as soon as you refuel or scoop you lose the benefit. Is this right? I had hoped that I could use my tank-full to more effectively cover a bigger distance on my way to the hub but I found in the navigation that it would no longer plot multi-jump routes once the level 1 'boost' had been completed.

elite dangerous ammo synthesis

This meant having to stop and select a destination on every jump. Which was so much of a faff that I didn't bother, especially as I tend to be scooping fuel when in the galaxy map to save time and that immediately negated the boost effect on that tank-full. So, what was I doing wrong? Rename your screen shots automatically!

Not sure how much sense that makes LOL. Lase is right, select it in the Synthesis panel, then plot the jump with the boost level selected. My Commander has Small Feet "You're doing it wrong".

No, we are having Fun OUR way.

Ammunition Synthesis Change

How crap is that? It doesn't apply to fuel, but rather fuel consumption on the next jump, and only the next jump. The reason the FSD boost setting exist in the map is simply to help you see what you can plot to if you do activate a given level of boost.

Hey I'm Thor - People call me Bob. Rule 1: Pillage. Then burn. Rule 2: No such thing as overkill, as long as there are reloads. The problem for me is the way to find materials is to random.

What I would like is the detailed surface scanner to identify the materials you are likely to find and approximately where you are likely to find them on the surface. You still have to detail scan the planet and drive about to find them, but at least it move away from dumb luck to educated guess!

Even if you plot a course, and then change it to FSD Boost and your route goes from some dotted points not enough fuel in the last bit of your plotted route, to being listed as having enough fuel for the distance solid lines all the way thereyour FSD Boost will not be in effect for more than the first jump. It may be confusing to some folks to plot a route, then select FSD Boost thinking it is being applied to your route, when it is not actually doing so.

You can select any of the points as a destination at the end of any line displayed once displayed correctly on the Galaxy Map. It has a one jump limit. Of what use this is, if not for stellar navigation or exploration, it seems to be of little use for each. To get to a star system out of normal reach for the exploration of minerals is it's virtue right now, or if you want to fill up on elements used for FSD Boost, and go where no one has been before, and most likely never return.I'm looking for, rather hoping that some more experienced players with tools and resources can help some of us newbs with figuring out which tools would work best for us and our play style and that work well together Radio Sidewinder is a radio station for Elite Dangerous commanders.

Use this forum to discuss anything related to player created tools, such as apps and websites that utilise the API, or general API development here. A forum for approved or well known people in the world of Elite to post their guides, tips n' tricks, and tutorials for others to learn upon.

Everyone can reply to threads within this forum. Approved Topic Submitters Forum: Fiction of Elite and Community Creations. Description: For discussion of projects made by the community! A quick start guide from the official community website about the new extension Horizons. All you need to know about the "Wings" update. This thread give nice instructions about the coop features. The principles in this guide can be equally applied This is a step by step guide explaining how to reach rank 3 in Power Play in a fun and quick way by undermining understand fighting instead of the more "boring" shipping way.

In this example I explain how to undermine Poll with almost votes. Purpose: Trying to find out how old the players of ED are. Thread trying to find out how many ers are out there.

Or perhaps a bit less limited, who played the original Mobius - Elite: Dangerous PvE. Nice overview of tools for ED. In game description: Only recently discovered, these mysterious artefacts currently have no designation. Despite much conjecture as to the nature of these objects, it appears that the scientific community is unwilling or A service to distribute all kind of dynamic data.

Atm market data is received and distributed. Tour the core and periphery of the Empire in a series of interconnected loops. Visit 90 different stations and make an average of Here you will find everything you want to know about weapons.

We spent days and weeks thoroughly tested every single weapon in the galaxy and spent even more time analyzing the dataWhat's new New posts Latest activity.

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Picking The Best Home Station

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ammunition Synthesis Change. Thread starter Pharmacist Start date Nov 27, An easy alteration would be to change how ammo synthesis works slightly. What I propose is that ammo synthesis now be on a second timer instead of simply allowing incoming shield damage to cancel the synthesis. This would introduce some level of skill in being aware of your current ammo capacity, instead of the hard punish of turrets, long range weapons, and multiple targets rendering ammo synthesis impossible.

I would like to come back to the game to utilize my fleet of engineered ships, but I just can't be bothered to do it now that ammo synthesis is relatively impossible. Pharmacist said:. MBaldelli said:.

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The only people that are generally "hard punished" are the people that generally spray ammo like tomorrow's not coming. You don't get unlimited ammo in the field think about that phrase really carefully so there's a good damn reason to learn about ammo economy. That's the other reason why ammo synthesis is attritioned during a firefight -- so that you learn ammo economy.

If you want unlimited ammo -- go play a game like Warframe with a carrier so that you never have to worry about ammo. But here, you need to learn how to firefight effectively with what you have. Or not use Multicannons and engineer better energy weapons.Materials are precursors to the Loot and Crafting update.

The good thing is that we can also use the elements in the Synthesis system. Players can create various things by synthesizing these elements. There are therefore 25 elements with different properties spread over 5 rarities that can be found on the surfaces of moons and planets. For my part I found all these elements on the Metal Rich and Metallic planets. The latter come in different concentrations depending on many physical parameters on the surface: its temperatureits pressure and its distance from the star especially and especially: the age of the star.

The younger the star, the more abundant the materials. To find the best planet, you must search for the points below. Generally, you will find the very rare elements on the Metallic planetsthe rare elements on the Metal Rich planetsthe rest of them on the Rocky planets. You have free slots in your Materials Inventory, use it wisely for the Elements and Manufactured. Mainly found in the Chondrite Bronzite and the Outcrops veins. Some Mesosiderites as well but in smaller numbers. Mainly found in the veins of Mesosiderites and regularly in Outcrops.

These elements can be found on following planets types: RockyMetal RichMetallic.

elite dangerous ammo synthesis

Found in the veins of Metallic Meteorites and Mesosiderites. These elements can be found on following planets types: Metal Rich, Metallic. Found in the veins of Metallic Meteorites and slightly Mesosiderites. Mainly found in the veins of Metallic Meteorites. Your SRV Scarab has a scanner. The latter emits different sounds and signals depending on the distance of the scanned object and its type.

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Learn to recognise these audio and visual signals. Once you found the signal, go straight to it and find the vein: the spectrum on your scanner should be narrower as you approach.

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You found a deposit! Watch out for drones buried in the ground that could attack you. These are green when idle and red when they go into offensive mode. Feel free to share your knowledge with us if you have some tricks or data that could improve the overall guide.

Nicou Materials 11 September Travel to HD B 3 A.

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Lock the guardian structure once it shows up in the navigation panel. Land to the guardian structure. Find the six 6 guardian pylons which emerge from the ground as you approach.

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Activate the two primary pylons to enable the other four. Guardian sentinels arrive, these are the flying alien things which start to shoot at you.

You need to destroy these sentinels. Once you have charged all the six pylons you need to find an ancient relic. It is located on top of some pylon???

Shoot the relic at the top of the pylon. When it falls to the ground, just scoop it up to your cargo bay. You get the materials by targeting the destructible panels on some of the pylons, shoot them and pick up the items dropped into your cargo bay. You don't need to pickup scrap coming from the destroyed sentinels for FSD Booster, but it doesn't hurt either because you might have use for that stuff in the future. Focus crystals can be get from ships after you destroy them or if stupid combat is not your thing as it isnt for most explorers, get them from material trader.

HN Shock Mounts can be purchased from stations, find nearest one with inara. Here is a lot of materials you can collect with an SRV. Get your focus crystals here. How to do this: drive around the place with your SRV and collect materials, when they run out, re-login to the game and they have spawned another set of materials, repeat this loop as many times necessary to get 24 focus crystals.

Get ready to be bored, this is extremely tedious and stupid grind, but you as explorer want the gaaaardian FSD booster so you got to do it, heh. Next go to guardian technology broker to unlock the FSD Booster module.

If you have access, shinrarta dezhra jameson memorial has one.What's new New posts Latest activity.

elite dangerous ammo synthesis

Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Greetings Commander, want a more instant approach to your questions and need for help? Check out the Galactic Academy Discord server! Feel free to join the Galactic Academy Discord server by clicking here! JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Smallous Start date Oct 28, Hello, My SRV is out of ammo. I assumed that I could go back to a Starport that has re-stocking facilities and restock it, but when I go back to a Planet the SRV is out of ammo. I have encountered a similar problem with Oxygen. Is this a bug? How do you re-stock a SRV with ammo? Is the only way to re-stock a SRV with ammo via Synthesis?

Chris Simon. Yes, that sounds like a bug. You could try to restock the ammo via synthesis to see if you can circumvent the problem, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a bug. Go report it. Normally when you dock at the port, your SRVs are fully restocked and refueled.

Last edited: Oct 28, Thanks Chris. Para Handy. Smallous said:. My SRV is out of ammo.Multifunctional trading and exploration tool, that integrates fully into the HUD of Elite Dangerous as an overlay. Please read the key feature list to get an overview.

A tool to monitor a users favorite factions and systems through graphs and allows authorized users to edit data. EDMC plugin which automatically collects "Codex" discovery data, and optionally posts public Astronomical Discovery "Telegram" style notices. Search your journal for potentially interesting objects, or notify you of new ones on the fly while exploring.

EDDI is a significant and customisable upgrade to your shipboard computer's personality sim, available at any starport and even out in the black via Subspace Torrented File Upgrade. EDDiscovery is is a tool that can track your Elite Dangerous travels, combat, trading, rank etc. It has both voice output - to provide you with more information vocally, and voice recognition.

Elite: Dangerous PvE - Mobius

It has over 28 panels of This library can help make developers anything from powering rich presence Discord to a voice assistant. Standalone program that monitors the journal log for chat messages, and plays them back using the CereProc speech synthesizer. A complete redesign of the original Elite Dangerous ship outfitting tool formerly known as E:D Shipyard. Elite:Dangerous companion with galaxy information, trading data, personal profiles, logbooks, wings, galleries and more This app downloads your Cmdr's details and system, faction, scan and station data for use with all popular online and offline trading, prospecting and shopping tools.

It can also send your Cmdr's details, ship details, Create, and optionally share, a printable reference card for your game controller, joystick or HOTAS from your bindings file. Get new ideas for bindings by looking your device in the list of published bindings.

When exploring outside the bubble, enter two systems, and receive a list of points of interest between them. Why visit just one place, when you could take the scenic route? Plugin provides basic GUI to plan route using neutron star plotter.

If enabled by checkbox, plugin automatically update your system clipboard to next N simplyfies navigation in orbital flight or while driving on the surface by calculating the course to a destination without the need to type in your current location. Jess a clone of voiceattack completely free. Ability to link actions to voice commands. Script programming and log playback in real time. A new-user oriented short-hand index of version-relevant high-quality tutorials and video embeds. With HUDlizer you will be able to create, customize and control your games and apps by using your voice, keyboard, mouse and other sources.

Squadron management system tool for squadron leadership to monitor members' contributions for promotion and the likes. Coupled with visualization dashboard of squadron activities as well as individual players. Connects to a Discord webhook to output live information on what you're up to in the game. Scan commanders to get background info from Inara and insights gained from other EDR users e.

Karma, past legal records. Get a TradeDangerous is set of powerful trading tools for Elite Dangerous, organized around one of the most powerful trade run optimizers available. TD is a heavy hitter that can calculate complex routes with multiple stops Companion app to show in-game status and market info, an orrery view, a news ticker, or listen to online radio stations or play your favorite space playlists through Spotify.

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